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Preparation and Documentation Manual

Picture of a Florida Roadway
NOTE:  The Prep. & Doc. Manual is in the process of being integrated into CPAM.  Most of the Chapters below are now directly hyperlinked to the new corresponding CPAM Chapter.  Each Chapter below displays a notation showing the new corresponding chapter in CPAM.
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Chapter 1 Introduction (CPAM Introduction II) Moved to CPAM
Chapter 2 Final Estimates Pre-Planning (CPAM 2.2) Moved to CPAM
Chapter 3 Documents (CPAM 5.11) Moved to CPAM
Chapter 4 Final "As-Built" Plans Process (CPAM 5.12) Moved to CPAM
Chapter 5 Computation Books (Pending Final Review for CPAM) 8/01/99 12/10/12
Chapter 6 Field Records (CPAM 5.14) Moved to CPAM
Chapter 7 Final Measurements (CPAM 5.15) Moved to CPAM
Chapter 8 Earthwork Notes and Documentation (CPAM 5.16) Moved to CPAM
Chapter 9 Asphaltic Concrete Production, Optional Base, and Placement Record (CPAM Chapter 11) Moved to CPAM
Chapter 10 Photogrammetric Usage Chapter Deleted
Please Contact your Local Survey & Mapping Office for Support
8/01/99 12/15/03
Chapter 11 Alternative Contracts (CPAM 6.2) Moved to CPAM
Chapter 12 Joint Participation Agreements  (CPAM 8.12) Moved to CPAM
Chapter 13 Quality Assurance Review (CPAM 3.5) Moved to CPAM
Chapter 14 Forms Access Section  (Pending Final Review for CPAM) 8/01/99 6/26/08