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Picture of a Florida Roadway
The files linked below are all in Microsoft Word format.  
Contractor Submittals      
Schedules Section 1    
MOT Section 2    
Erosion Control Section 3    
Erosion Control - NPDES Forms Section 3a    
CQR & LIMS Access Request Section 4    
Safety Programs Section 5    
Vehicle Registration, Authorization Section 6    
Company Executives Section 7    
Lighting Plan Section 8    
Railroad Insurance Section 9    
Request to Open a New Borrow Pit Section 10    
Site Evaluation Letter Section 11    
Optional Base and/or Optional Pipe Section 12    
Partial Payment for Certain Materials Section 13    
Lane Closures of 2 hrs. or more Section 14    
Unpaid Bills, Sublets, & Rental Agreements Section 15    
Time Extension Request Section 16    
Alternate Traffic Control Plan Section 17    
Disposal of Waste Oil Section 18    
Contractor Past Performance Report Section 19    
Record of Construction Materials Affidavit Section 20    
MUTCD Section 21    
Bridge Meeting Agenda    
Preconstruction Conference Sign-In Sheet    
Preconstruction Meeting Agenda    
Pre-paving Asphalt Meeting Agenda    
Utility Preconstruction Meeting Agenda