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Aviation and Spaceports Office

Aviation and Spaceports Office / Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Aviation and Spaceports Office
Staff Phone Responsible Area Section
Cox, Todd (850) 414-4510 Aviation Program Development Manager Development
Duncan, Thomas E. (850) 414-4513 Spaceport Development Manager Development
Halley, Jim (850) 414-4505 Aviation System Manager Development
Hatim, Abdul (850) 414-4504 Aviation Engineering Manager Development
Jones, P. Gregory (850) 414-4502 Airspace and Land Use Manager Operations
Karuga, Frederick M. (850) 414-4512 Aviation Communications Manager Operations
Keith, Andrew M. (850) 414-4516 Aviation Development Administrator Development
Lammert, Alice K. (850) 414-4503 Private Airport and Finance Manager Operations
Myers, J. Jason (850) 414-4515 Airport Inspection and Safety Manager Operations
Roberts, David A. (850) 414-4507 Aviation Operations Administrator Operations
Smith, Aaron N. (850) 414-4514 State Aviation Manager Administration