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Aviation and Spaceports Office

Space Florida was created to foster the growth and development of a sustainable, world-leading aerospace industry in Florida. Space Florida promotes and assists our aerospace business sector by providing launch facilities, financial services, and innovative education programs.  Pursuant to Section 331.302, F.S., Space Florida is an independent special district of the State of Florida and has broad powers similar to a local government.  By law, Space Florida serves as the state’s lead agency for state aerospace-related activities with federal agencies, the military, state agencies, and the private sector.


Unlike any other state, spaceports in Florida are part of the transportation network. Space Florida and FDOT work closely together to provide space transportation services and infrastructure in the state.  FDOT, as authorized by Section 331.360, F.S., promotes and provides funding assistance for projects that improve aerospace transportation facilities; addresses intermodal requirements; assists in the development of joint-use facilities; coordinates and cooperates in the development of spaceport infrastructure and related transportation facilities contained in the Strategic Intermodal System Plan; encourages coordination between airports and spaceports; and fosters interagency efforts to improve space transportation capacity and efficiency.


For the most part, FDOT assistance has been provided in the form of grants to Space Florida for transportation related infrastructure improvements. Most notably, grants have been issued to refurbish surplus buildings at Cape Canaveral Spaceport in order to stimulate private sector investment and commercial spaceport operations.


Key Aspects of Spaceport Infrastructure Grant Program

  • Consistency with other FDOT grant programs for airports and seaports:
    • Projects are spaceport system plan and master plan driven.
    • Match requirements, at least 50% non-state match toward project costs.
  • Funding is restricted to spaceport territories, which is defined in Florida law.
  • Grants are only issued to Space Florida.
  • Guidance provided in The Florida Spaceports Project Handbook (42MB in PDF).


You may contact the Spaceport Development Manager for additional information, or visit the Space Florida website.