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Florida Flyer

Aviation and Spaceports Office

Florida Flyer, Winter 2014 (4.69 MB in PDF)
Airport Stormwater Management, Freight Mobility and Trade Plan Update, Guidance on IAP Visual Areas

Florida Flyer, Special Edition Spring 2014 Melbourne (5.5 MB in PDF)
MLB’s Facilities and Economic Development, Business and Industrial Park Cargo Handling, Embraer, Florida Tech Research Park, Northrop Grumman, MidairUSA, Richard A. Ennis, CFPO, Executive Director Melbourne Airport Authority

Florida Flyer, Summer 2014 (5.91 MB in PDF)
Is Your Airport Experiencing a Discoloration of Runway Marking Paint?, Architectural Project Award at Kissimmee Gateway Airport, Facts (and Myths) about Unmanned Aircraft, Transitional Surface

Florida Flyer, Spring 2014 (6.15 MB in PDF)
Secretary Prasad Named a “Top Newsmaker”, We Remember Henry Ogrodzinski, Now Available! 2014 Florida Airport Directory and Aeronautical Chart, License Plate Revenue Funds GA Security Projects, T-Hangar Guidelines Now Available, Common Marking Requirements, Send Us Your Aviation Award Nominations

Florida Flyer, Fall 2013 (4.83 MB in PDF)
Aaron Smith Receives Leadership Award, 2013 Florida Aviation Awards, Florida's Air Cargo System, Jack Brown's Seaplane Base Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Florida Flyer, Summer 2013 (2.2 MB in PDF)
Freight Mobility and Trade Plan Moves Florida into the Future, FDOT’s Aviation Program Takes On Spaceports, Aerospace Academy Inspires Students, Temporary Site Approval Permits, Approach Surface

Florida Flyer, Spring 2013 (4.61 MB in PDF)
Next Generation Air Transportation System, FAA Policy Change, Preparing the Next Generation of Airport Leaders, Public-Use Versus Private-Use, Send Us Your Aviation Award Nominations

Florida Flyer, Winter 2013 (5.41 MB in PDF)
Florida’s Focus on Freight, Register for Training Courses, Airfield Improvements for Licensed Airports, Interim Guidance on Land Uses within a Runway Protection Zone, Now Available! 2013 Airport Directory and Aeronautical Chart

Florida Flyer, Fall 2012 (4.98 MB in PDF)
2012 Florida Aviation Awards, The Process of Preparing Airport Master Plans, Florida Aviation Database: 2012 Update

Florida Flyer, Spring 2012 (4.19 MB in PDF)
The FDOT Statewide Airfield Pavement Management Program, 2012 Airport Directory and Aeronautical Chart Now Available, Emergency Response Guidebooks Available Online, Send Us Your Aviation Award Nominations, Airport Compatible Land Use Project, Aviation and Spaceports Office Web Updates and Runway Hold Positions

Florida Flyer, Winter 2012 (3.58 MB in PDF)
Managing Stormwater on Florida’s Airports, Air Operations in Response to a Disaster, Fair Market Value Study

Florida Flyer, Fall 2011 (5.91 MB in PDF)
FDOT Secretary Prasad Announces Major Transportation Plan, Airport Approach Surface, 2011 Florida Aviation Awards, Overview of FDOT’s Finance and Budget Process, Part 2, Florida Aviation System Plan (FASP 2025) Revisited

Florida Flyer, Spring 2011 (237KB in PDF)
Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) - Overview of FDOT’s Finance and Budget Process - Florida Winners of FAA Awards - Primary Surface - Send Florida Aviation Award Nominations by June 30

Florida Flyer, Winter 2011 (313 KB in PDF)
Florida's Aviation Work Program - Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum - Runway Safety Area - Register for Pavement Inspection Training Courses - Calhoun County Airport - 2011 Airport Directory and Aeronautical Chart

Florida Flyer, Fall 2010 (394 KB in PDF)
Flying Physicians Association - New Facility for Aerospace Acadamy at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport - 2010 Florida Aviation Awards

Florida Flyer, Summer 2010 (461 KB in PDF)
New International Airport, Florida Statewide Aviation Economic Impact Study, Manager's Corner, Tavares Seaplane Base, One Doctor, One Friend, and a Plane

Florida Flyer, Spring 2010 (363 KB in PDF)
St. Lucie County International Airport, Manager's Corner, Cecil Field Spaceport, 2010 Airport Directory and Aeronautical Chart Available Soon, Send Award Nominations by June 30

Florida Flyer, Fall 2009 (330 KB in PDF)
Welcome Aaron Smith, New Aviation and Spaceports Office Manager, Aviation News on the Internet, General Aviation Manufacturers Association, South Lakeland Airport, 2009 Florida Aviation Awards, Aircraft and Florida's Sales and Use Tax