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Offices and Divisions

Picture of a Florida Roadway

A to Z Index

Aviation and Spaceports


Aviation Development

Motor Carrier Size and Weight

Aviation Operations

Natural and Community Resources

Bituminous Materials

Pavement Materials

Business Systems Support Office

Performance Management


Policy Planning

Computer Security

Public Information



Construction Training

Product Evaluation

Contracts Administration

Production Support


Program Management (Specifications and Estimates)

Emergency Management

Project Screening and Technology

Engineering and CADD

Rail and Motor Carrier Operations

Environmental Management

Research Center

Environmental Programs and Engineering

Right of Way

Equal Opportunity

Roadway Design



Finance and Administration

Seaport and Waterways

Florida's Turnpike Enterprise

Structural Materials

Forms and Procedures

Structures Design

Freight Logistics and Passenger Operations

Structures Research Center

Geotechnical Materials

Surveying and Mapping

General Counsel

Systems Planning

Human Resources

Technology Services and Support

Information Systems

Traffic Engineering and Operations

Inspector General

Traffic Engineering Research Lab (TERL)

Inspector General Audits

Traffic Incident Management (TIM)

Inspector General Investigations

Traffic Operations

Inspector General Quality Assurance/Operations Support

Traffic Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)


Intermodal Systems Development

Transit Grants Administration

Legislative Programs

Transit Operations/Safety

Local Agency Program

Transit Planning


Transportation Development

Maintenance Contract Management

Transportation Disadvantaged

Maintenance Performance Management

Transportation Statistics

Maintenance Program Resources


Maintenance Roadway Operations

Work Program and Budget

Maps and Publications