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Specifications and Estimates

Specifications and Estimates / Product Evaluation

Qualified Products List (QPL) Index

Specifications and Estimates

Qualified Products List (QPL)

For questions about the QPL, please contact

Karen Byram, Product Evaluation Administrator
Phone: (850) 414 - 4353
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The numbering system references the Specification, Structures or Design Index limiting usage to products included on the QPL or the Specification or, Structures or Design Index outlining material requirements for the product. Where applicable, cross-references are provided so that usage and material requirements are easily identified.


Selecting the "Spec" will take you to the table of contents for the 2014 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction eBook webpage.


DI = Design Index
SI = Structures Index

Specifications | Design Standards | Miscellaneous Materials

Specification Section Number Description
102 Maintenance of Traffic Items
104 Erosion Control Items
400 Applied Finish Coatings
413 High Molecular Weight  Methacrylate (HMWM)
415             Reinforcing Steel
Mechanical Rebar Splices
Plastic Chair and Bolsters
453             Epoxy Jointing of Precast Segments
Normal Set

Slow Set
455 Pile Splice Systems
458             Bridge Deck Joints
Poured Joint - See 932 Below 
Poured Joint with Backer Rod - Low Modulus Silicone Sealant Type D - See 932 Below
Strip Seal
462 Elastomeric Coating
471 Polymeric Fender Systems
521 Barrier Delineator - Barrier Walls
523 Patterned Pavement
527 Detectable Warnings on Walking Surfaces
534             Sound Barriers
Sound Barrier System

Sound Barrier Panels
536             Guardrail
Barrier Delineator - Guardrails

Recycled Plastic Offset Blocks

End Anchorage Assembly 27"
End Anchorage Assembly 31" TL-2
End Anchorage Assembly 31" TL-3
544 Crash Cushions   (For Temporary Crash Cushions, see 102 Maintenance of Traffic Items)
546 Rumble Strips
548 Retaining Wall Systems
560 Structural Steel Coating Systems for New Structures
561 Structural Steel Coating Systems for Existing Structures
562 Galvanizing Repair Materials
563             Anti-Graffiti Coatings
Sacrificial             Non-Sacrificial
641 Concrete Strain Poles
649             Steel Strain Poles, Steel Mast Arms and Monotube Assemblies
Standard Mast Arm Assemblies

Steel Strain Poles                 
700             Highway Signing
 Reflective Sheeting Types: III,   IV,   V,   VIVII  XI    (For Work Zone sheeting, see 102 Maintenance of Traffic Items)

Sheeting Ink or Overlay Materials
701 Audible and Vibratory Pavement Markings
702 Wet Weather Pavement Markings
705            Delineators and Object Markers
Flexible Delineator Posts
Object Marker Posts
High Performance Delineator
Non-Flexible Delineator Posts

High Visibility Median Separator Delineator
706             Raised Pavement Markers
              Types:      A     &   B    Raised Pavement Marker Adhesives
709 Two Reactive Component Traffic Markings
710 Water Base Traffic Paints
711             Pavement Markings
Thermoplastic - Alkyd Thermoplastic Hot-Spray - Alkyd
Thermoplastic - Preformed
713             Permanent Tape, Stripes and Markings
Permanent Tape (Standard) Permanent Tape (High Performance)
715             Highway Lighting Systems
Aluminum Light Poles                        Highmast Lighting Assembly

Pole Cable Distribution Systems         Median Barrier Mounted Aluminum Light Poles
785             ITS CCTV Poles
Concrete CCTV Poles                        Steel CCTV Poles
916             Bituminous Materials
Anti-Strip Agents

Super Pave Asphalt Binders

Emulsified Asphalt Prime Coat Material
Emulsified Asphalt Non-Tracking Tack Material
Emulsified Asphalt Traditional Tack Material
919 Ground Tire Rubber  
924             Admixtures for Concrete
Types:  A,   C,   D,   E,   FG,     I,   II,        Air Entraining

Corrosion Inhibiting
925             Curing Materials for Concrete
Membrane-Forming Curing Compound - White

Membrane-Forming Curing Compound - Clear                 
926             Epoxy Compounds
Types:   A,   B,   E,   F-1,   F-2,   G,   H,   I,   J,   LMN,   Q,   T,
930             Materials for Concrete Repair
Rapid Hardened Concrete Mortar                                         Very Rapid Hardened Concrete Mortar

Predominately Horizontal Surfaces Rapid Hardening           Predominately Horizontal Surfaces Very Rapid Hardening

Predominately Vertical Surfaces                                           High Stress Areas (MAPC)

Predominately Vertical Surfaces-Ultra High Performance     Predominately Vertical Surfaces-High Performance

Special Fillers Cathodic Protection                                       Special Fillers Non-Cathodic Protection
931 Metal Dowel Bar Assemblies
932             Nonmetallic Accessory Materials for Concrete Pavement and Concrete Structures
Types: A, B, C, D
Joint Sealer Hot-Poured
Joint Sealer-Preformed Joint Filler
Pre-Cured Silicone Sealant
934 Non-Shrink Grouts
937             Structural Adhesive Types
HV            HSHV
938             Post-Tensioning Grouts
942 Resilient Connectors
971 Glass Beads
973             Structural Plastic
FFRCL (Lumber)             SCL (Wales)
Specification Section Number Description
DI850 Steel Pedestrian-Bicycle Railing
DI860 Aluminum Pedestrian-Bicycle Railing
DI870 Aluminum Pipe Guiderail
Miscellaneous Items - Qualified Producers and Fabricators