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STIP Information

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State Transportation Improvement Program  

The State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a federally mandated document which must include a listing of projects planned with federal participation in the next four fiscal years. Although the STIP is approved annually by FHWA at the beginning of each federal fiscal year (October 1st), FHWA allows FDOT to report these four years on a state fiscal year basis (July 1st thru June 30th). This is because the report is based upon the federally funded projects listed in the first four years of FDOT's Adopted Five Year Work Program.

Therefore, in order for a project to be listed in the approved STIP, it must first be included in the first four years of the Adopted Five Year Work Program. The project must either be included in the Tentative Work Program during the annual Tentative Work Program development cycle, or it must be amended into the Work Program and STIP after it has been adopted on July 1st of each state fiscal year.

Regionally Significant Projects (not federally funded):

Federal law requires all regionally significant transportation projects for which an FHWA or FTA approval is required be included in the TIP/STIP, whether or not the projects are to be funded with Title 23, U.S.C., or Federal Transit Act funds. FHWA or FTA approval in this context is not limited to obtaining federal approval to participate in the cost of the project, but extends to FHWA or FTA approval of environmental and/or permitting documents as well.

The listing of projects in Florida's STIP includes all projects in which the Florida DOT has involvement, including all state or federal funds financing the project.

MPO's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Each Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) in the state is required by Florida Statutes to have a Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) which, as a component of this plan, must include a listing of projects planned for the next five fiscal years. MPOs are also required to have a similar TIP for federally funded projects for the next four years. Therefore, each MPO annually publishes a single five year document to satisfy both state and federal requirements.

Federal law requires each MPO TIP to be included without change in the STIP, directly or by reference.  All projects in each MPO TIP which are financed with either state and/or federal funds are also included in the project detail listing in the STIP.  Projects financed exclusively with local funds are not included in the project detail listing in the STIP.  These local projects are included in the STIP by reference to the individual MPO TIPs in the annual transmittal letter from the Florida DOT submitting the STIP to FHWA for their review and approval.  This transmittal letter, along with FHWA's approval of the annual STIP, may be found in the Statewide STIP document (PDF file) shown below.  Any modifications to the MPO TIPs are incorporated by reference. Any amendments made are subsequently amended into the STIP per the STIP amendment process below.

Links to each of the various MPO's websites where their respective TIPs are located may be found on the Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council (MPOAC) website at: http://www.mpoac.org/

Federal Advance Construction Program

Federal law allows states to request and receive prior federal approval to "pre-qualify" projects for federal participation at a later date when federal funds become available.  These projects are initially financed with state funds and carry the "AC" designation in the STIP detail project listings.  For example, projects which eventually will be converted to National Highway Performance Program funds will carry the "ACNP" fund code.  Upon conversion, the project will be financed with National Highway Performance Program funds and will carry the "NHPP" fund code.  AC funded projects are only converted to federal funds in the first year of the annually adopted STIP, and such conversions are limited by the amount of federal funds available for obligation in the first year of the STIP.

STIP Project Detail Listings (STIP Amendments not included)

The STIP is accessible in several ways, as explained below.

  1. The STIP may be viewed or searched on-line in portable document format (PDF). You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, search or print in this format. Caution: this is a very large document so be selective in what you print.

    Statewide STIP as a PDF file, suitable for searching or printing (.pdf - 5,711 KB)

    STIP pages are broken out by District (these files will not include STIP amendments).
    All District files are "PDF" file suitable for searching or printing

    Central Office
    (.pdf - 88 KB)
    District 1
    (.pdf - 3,655 KB)
    District 2
    (.pdf - 3,992 KB)
    District 3
    (.pdf - 3,331 KB)
    District 4
    (.pdf - 4,590 KB)
    District 5
    (.pdf - 3,811 KB)
    District 6
    (.pdf - 3,347 KB)
    District 7
    (.pdf - 2,694 KB)
    District/State Wide
    (.pdf - 1,619 KB)

  2. The STIP may be viewed or searched on-line via the STIP Report. The STIP Report enables the STIP to be viewed by specific County, MPO, Item Segment, or Project Description.

    On-line STIP Report

  3. The complete statewide STIP may be downloaded to your workstation as an Excel file.

NOTE: STIP amendments are not included in the following file.
Statewide STIP.xlsx (.xlsx - 2,969 KB)

STIP Amendments and Administrative Modifications

The STIP may be updated periodically throughout the course of the year for project additions, advancements, deletions and other types of modifications.  These are accomplished either by a formal STIP Amendment or an "administrative modification":

  1. STIP Amendment - Before FHWA/FTA can approve a STIP Amendment the associated MPO's TIP must also be amended, if the project is within the geographic boundaries of the MPO.  Generally, the MPO TIP may only be amended by a formal resolution of the MPO Executive Board.  TIPs/STIP require formal amendments based on the following criteria:
    1. The change adds new individual projects to the current TIP/STIP;
    2. The change affects air quality conformity;
    3. The change adversely impacts financial constraint, including cost estimate increases of over 20% (but at least $2 million);
    4. The change results in major scope changes; and/or,
    5. The change removes or deletes an individually listed project from the TIP/STIP

    Additional information regarding TIP/STIP Amendments may be found in the Work Program Instructions (Part IV)

    The processing of TIP/STIP Amendments is accomplished using the automated STIP Amendment tool on-line at:

    (STIP) Amendments Update and review

    STIP Amendments are almost exclusively processed using the automated STIP Amendment tool noted above. However, there are rare occasions when the automated STIP Amendment tool cannot accommodate certain projects being amended into the STIP. These projects generally are public-private partnerships (P3s) where the terms of the agreement with the private partner extend well beyond the four year window of the STIP. For public disclosure purposes these amendments are processed manually so that the full terms of the funding agreements can be shown.

    An example of such a project is I-595 in Broward County. This is a design-build-finance-operate-maintain P3 project for the reconstruction and resurfacing of the I-595 mainline, including the addition of auxiliary lanes and all associated improvements to adjacent cross-roads, frontage roads and ramps, and a new tolled express lanes system in the I-595 median. The agreement with the private partner is for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of the facility, for which the private partner receives payments from FDOT over a 35 year contract period.

    These manually processed STIP amendments may be found at:

  2. Administrative Modification - Project changes which do not meet the criteria for a formal TIP/STIP Amendment may be accomplished by simply changing certain information on the project in the Adopted Work Program.  Examples of changes which are considered "administrative modifications" include:

    1. Projects where the change in the cost estimate does not exceed 20% and $2 million;
    2. Projects where only the fund source changed, with no change in the project scope or cost.
    3. Projects which are advanced to Year 1 of the STIP from Years 2, 3 or 4 with no changes to funding source, cost or scope.

    The following report is available showing the current state of the approved STIP which includes all project changes to date (approved STIP amendments and administrative modifications).  This file is refreshed overnight to reflect any changes made the previous day, and may be found at: