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State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

Full Project Cost in STIP

The total cost of a typical transportation project will include costs for discrete “phases” of work, generally accomplished in a chronological sequence, as follows:

  1. Project Development and Environmental (PD&E)
  2. Preliminary Engineering (Design plans and specifications)
  3. Right of Way Acquisition
  4. Construction
The time span necessary to accomplish all phases of a project from PD&E to Construction can be many years and generally cannot be displayed in the four years of the STIP. Some phases may have already been completed prior to the four year STIP “window” and some phases may extend well beyond the four years of the STIP.

According to federal planning regulations, projects in metropolitan planning areas must show full project costs in the MPO Long Range Metropolitan Transportation Plan. Projects in non-MPO areas do not need to be specifically identified or have their costs shown in the Statewide Long Range Transportation Plan, but the projects do need to be consistent with the objectives of that plan.

It is FHWA’s preference for full project costs to also be shown in the STIP and MPO TIPs. However, FHWA’s guidance document issued 2-9-2011 states that “for projects scheduled to start within the existing STIP/TIP years, if the majority of the work will be conducted in years beyond the STIP/TIP [four year] time frame, only the project costs within the next four years must be in the STIP/TIP.”

It is FDOT’s intention to accommodate FHWA’s preference for full project costs to be shown in the STIP, to the extent that the information is available in FDOT’s Work Program database. Project phases commenced by FDOT in years prior to the four years of the STIP will automatically be included in the STIP.

FDOT lists in the Work Program database five years of project phases for projects not on the Florida Strategic Intermodal System, and ten years of project phases for projects on the Strategic Intermodal System, so all of these phases will be listed in the annual STIP document.

Public Private Partnership (P3) projects in the Work Program database which have project phases in the four years of the STIP and also have deferred payments to the contractor beyond the four year time frame will show all future year payments in the STIP. P3 projects which have project phases in the four years of the STIP and which will be procured via concessionaire agreements to operate and maintain the facilities for long periods (30-40 years) will also show all planned future payments in the STIP.