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Performance Management

Performance Management / Divisions


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Central Office

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Larry Ferguson, III, CPM (850) 414-4382 lawrence.ferguson@dot.state.fl.us
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT Rick Kelley (850) 414-4384 richard.kelley@dot.state.fl.us
QUALITY ASSURANCE/ QUALITY CONTROL ADMINISTRATION Rick Kelley (850) 414-4384 richard.kelley@dot.state.fl.us
TRAINING ADMINISTRATION - CENTRAL OFFICE Debbie Higginbotham, CPM (850) 414-4658 debra.higginbotham@dot.state.fl.us
TRAINING ADMINISTRATION - STATEWIDE Leo Bray, CPM (850) 414-4671 leo.bray@dot.state.fl.us
TRAINING RECORDS Karen Jones (850) 414-4385 karen.jones@dot.state.fl.us