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Business Systems Support Office - BSSO

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April Blackburn is the manager of the Business Systems Support Office, also referred to as BSSO.  BSSO manages the enterprise computer applications and data that support the Department's critical business functions. This includes application planning, design, development, implementation, support, and maintenance.  BSSO promotes the integration of critical enterprise data with essential Departmental business processes. We partner with the user-community to determine the best technical solutions to meet business needs in the most efficient and expedient manner. BSSO provides analysis and recommendations for streamlining, improving, and automating departmental business processes and manages contracts and resources supporting enterprise business applications.

Rapid Technology Solutions (RTS)
Develop and maintain multimedia and computer based training modules. Manage the development and maintenance of applications-related compliance standards. Perform compliance reviews for mission critical web applications supported by BSSO and other offices.

BSSO Multimedia is dedicated to providing FDOT offices with quality training and support. We work in a fast paced environment and specialize in making your training goals a reality.

Enterprise Applications Development (EAD)
Analyze and implement service requests for enhancements to production applications as approved and prioritized by information technology management teams using the BSSO’s Project Delivery Methodology. Update all pertinent documentation for application changes. Provide liaison services between People First and the Personnel Office for necessary enhancements in personnel related information and FDOT application processing. Support the Department’s Enterprise Electronic Document Management System (EEDMS) technology in varieties of platforms and usage.

Data Base & Business Systems Support (DBBSS)
Provide logical and physical database design, implementation, maintenance, and performance monitoring for production and test data base structures, for which OIS is the custodian. Develop integrated enterprise data models to ensure the reliability of the Department’s enterprise data and to allow the sharing of enterprise data across Departmental business units. Administer the Department’s central metadata Repository content. Provide technical support for application developers and end users including acquisition, configuration, installation and use of software used to access the Department’s data base environments.

Engineering / Operations Applications Support (EOAS)
Analyze and manage service requests and tickets for the maintenance of production enterprise applications, including Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) applications, for which BSSO is custodian. Document, coordinate and direct technical corrections, improvements, and upgrades to these applications and prepare the end users for functional changes that may result. Respond to technical emergencies and impacting business rule changes in an efficient and timely manner.

Business Applications Development (BAD)
Develop new enterprise business applications in compliance with the Project Development Methodology. Prepare and maintain all pertinent business application system documentation. Coordinate and direct BSSO involvement with mandatory OIS Infrastructure projects. Provide Research and Development as well as Technical Architecture support for development activities. Provide development, maintenance and support of Web Application Standards.

Financial Applications Support (FAS)
Develop new enterprise business applications in compliance with the Project Development Methodology. Prepare and maintain all pertinent business application system documentation. Manage the BSSO WorkPlan and schedule, including coordination with requestors, governance teams, and BSSO teams assigned responsibility. Coordinate contract and budget oversight for portfolio projects.