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Emergency Management

Emergency Management / Document and Publications

Documents and Publications

Emergency Management

Emergency Management Resources


Florida Division of Emergency Management information for EM community
FDEM is the State clearing house for supporting the State's Emergency Management efforts before, during and after an event.


County Emergency Management Contacts
FDEM's contact information for County EM personnel.


Current Conditions at the SEOC
The State Emergency Response Team's (SERT) main page for the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC). This page displays the current situation at the SEOC.


State of Florida's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)
This FDEM link goes to the CEMP resource page and contains the basic plan, Emergency Support Function Annexes, Hazard Specific Annexes and other supporting plans.


Florida Statute Chapter 252 - Emergency Management
Link to the Florida Legislature's Online Sunshine web site, Title XVII, Chapter 252 Emergency Management.

Weather Resources


National Hurricane Center
Home page for the National Weather Service's national Hurricane Center.


National Weather Service
Home page for NOAA's National Weather Service. Contains a multitude of links to their information and services.


The Weather Channel
Home page for the Weather Channel. Contains weather news, national and regional forecasts.


Weather Underground Tropical Prediction
Opens the Weather Underground's Tropical Weather page with links to the Atlantic basin data, complete storm data and informative blogs.


StormPulse Tropical Weather Outlook
Impressive tropical storm tracking and US severe weather map and graphics.


FSU Experimental forecast Tropical Cyclone Genesis Potential Fields
Experimental weather forecast products for both the Atlantic and Pacific regions from FSU.


Florida Automated Weather Network
An automated site reporting Florida's weather with a variety of tools available including text alerts.

Mapping Resources


State of Florida One Way Evacuation Plan
Information about the FDOT's emergency evacuation plans.


Automated Traffic Information - Traffic Counts
Shows a map of all of Florida's automated traffic counters. Very useful information during an evacuation or emergency event.


FHP Traffic Management Site
The Florida Highway Patrol's Traffic Management website. Displays information by FHP Troop and county.


Florida 511 - Highway/Construction Information
Florida's statewide 511 website, providing information on traffic, incidents and construction in almost real time.


Maps of Evacuation Routes / Zones and Storm Surge
Adobe (PDF) maps of storm surge zones for coastal counties and evacuation maps for most counties.


First Responder Fuel Sites Map
A PDF map of the FDOT refueling locations throughout the state. (PDF, 820 kb)


Federal Aid System Maps
Maps and reports on Federal Aid System road in Florida.

Financial Resources


FloridaPA.org - Florida's Public Assistance Website
This site is for the online application and management of the Public Assistance grant in Florida.


Work Program Instructions Chapter 10 - Emergencies
FDOT Work Program instructions, chapter 10 for Emergencies/Disasters. Contains detailed information for before and after an emergency event and how reimbursement procedures operate.


Office of Work Programs - Emergency Reports
The FDOT Office of Work Program's web based application for the generation, review and submission of Emergency Reports related to reimbursement.

Environmental Resources for Debris Staging


Department of Environmental Protection - Hurricane Information
DEP's basic page on hurricanes. Contains many environmentally related links


FDOT Environmental Considerations During Hurricane Recovery
The FDOT Environmental Management Office's Guidance on Environmental Considerations During Hurricane Recovery.

Federal Links


FHWA Emergency Relief Program
Information about the Federal Highway Administration's Emergency Relief Program including a description of the program, funding and the Emergency Relief Manual.


FHWA Emergency Relief Program Training
Training course presentation covering the FHWA Emergency Relief Program and policy issues for Florida.


FEMA-Active Federal Disasters
A listing of the active disasters for the Federal Emergency Management Agency's region IV (the Southeastern US).


US Army Corps of Engineers
Web site for the Jacksonville District.


US DOT's Emergency Response Guide (ERG) web site. This invaluable resource is available in several languages, file formats and even has a phone app!

Florida Water Management Districts


Florida Water Management Districts
DEP's map and contact information for Florida's Water Management Districts


Northwest Florida Water Management District (NWFWMD)
Florida Panhandle


Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD)
North Central Florida


St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD)
Northeast Florida


South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)
South Florida


Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD)
West Central Florida