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Jerry Rudd
Emergency Coordination Officer

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Washed out bridge in 2012


FDOT Emergency Management is a vital element of the State Emergency Response Team (SERT). Comprised of local, state and federal officials, the SERT ensures that Florida is prepared to respond to, recover from and mitigate against disasters.

FDOT EM is the leading agency for two SERT emergency support functions covering transportation, public works and engineering.


2015 Severe Weather Awareness Week
This year's severe weather awareness week is February 2–6, 2015. The purpose of this campaign is to promote preparedness by all Floridians for all types of hazards.

Florida Severe Weather Awareness Week
  • Monday — Lightning
  • Tuesday — Marine Hazards and Rip Currents
  • Wednesday — Tornadoes and Thunderstorms
  • Thursday — Hurricanes and Flooding
  • Friday — Extreme Temperatures and Wildfires

Local and state agencies, local media and volunteer organizations are hosting public outreach events statewide. You can visit the Florida Division of Emergency Management and then contact your county emergency management agency to learn about events scheduled near you.

Hurricane Season 2015
Regardless of any seasonal predictions, it only takes one storm to cause a disaster in your area. Are you ready? Make sure that you and your family are prepared for anything this season by having a plan and knowing your evacuation routes.

For additional information and details about your local area, contact your county emergency management agency.

FDOT Office Closure Hotlines

Location Local Hotline Toll Free Hotline
Central Office (850) 414-5252 (866) 374-3368 x5252
District 1 (863) 519-2999 N/A
District 2 N/A (800) 749-2967
District 3 (850) 330-1250 (888) 638-0250
District 4 (954) 677-5998 or (954) 677-5999 (800) 929-9276
District 5 (386) 736-5498 (800) 780-7102
District 6 (305) 470-5100 (800) 435-2368
District 7 N/A (800) 773-1232
Turnpike (954) 934-1499 (866) 841-0930