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Documents & Publications

Aviation and Spaceports Office
Chapter 163 FS – Intergovernmental Programs
Chapter 252 FS – Emergency Management
Chapter 329 FS – Aircraft: Title; Registration; Liens
Chapter 330 FS – Regulation of Aircraft, Pilots, and Airports
Chapter 331 FS – Aviation and Aerospace Facilities and Commerce
Chapter 332 FS – Airports and Other Air Navigation Facilities
Chapter 333 FS – Airport Zoning (2015)
House Bill 7061 – Transportation
Chapter 339 FS – Transportation Finance and Planning
Chapter 69-534 LOF – Tri-County Airport Authority (15 KB in PDF)
Chapter 2002-347 LOF – St Augustine-St Johns Airport Authority District (122 KB in PDF)
Chapter 2003-361 LOF – Titusville-Cocoa Airport District (116 KB in PDF)
Chapter 2004-468 LOF – Boca Raton Airport Authority (149 KB in PDF)
Chapter 2006-363 LOF – Gainesville-Alachua County Regional Airport Authority (106 KB in PDF)

Chapter 14-60 FAC - Airport Licensing, Registration, & Airspace Protection (152 KB in PDF)
Chapter 62-256.300(5) FAC - Open Burning and Frost Protection Fires
Chapter 62-701.320(13) FAC - Solid Waste Management Facility Permit Requirements, General
Form 7250-040-12 Airport Site Approval Application (97 KB in PDF)
Airport Compatible Land Use Guidebook (17.3 MB in PDF)
Airport Compatible Land Use Guidebook Booklet (4.3 MB in PDF)
Airport Compatible Land Use Guidebook Brochure (219 KB in PDF)
Airspace Obstructions - Construction Notification and Permitting
3DAAP Manual - Three Dimensional Airspace Analysis Program
FDOT Airspace Obstruction Brochure
Form 7250-040-11 Airspace Obstruction Permit Application (104 KB in PDF)
Security Planning For General Aviation Airports (5.43 MB in PDF)
Florida Aviation Project Handbook (13.69 MB in PDF)
Guidelines for Determining Market Value & Market Rent of Airport Property (465 KB in PDF)
Public Use Airports' Rates and Charges Analysis (2.2 MB in PDF)
Florida Public Airport Revenue Use Guide (340KB in PDF)
Florida Public Airport Resource Manual Appendices (6.45MB in PDF)
Airport Revenue Diversion FAQ (220KB in PDF)
Strategic Airport Investment Project (267KB in PDF)
The Florida Spaceport Improvement Program - Project Handbook (3.17 MB in PDF)
FAA Memorandum: Proposed commercial space facilities and operations at Federally-obligated or Part 139 airports (673 KB in PDF)
Florida Aviation System Plan (FASP)
Eight Steps to Building a New Airport (13 KB in PDF)
Florida Statewide Economic Impact Study
Guidebook for Airport Master Planning (7.13 MB in PDF)
Master Plan Guidebook Brochure (2.98 MB in PDF)
Florida Air Cargo Executive Summary Brochure (6.03MB in PDF)
Air Cargo System Plan Updates
Air Service Studies
Airport Air Service Profiles
Airport Demand/Capacity Study (107 KB in XLS)
Commercial Service Enplanement Forecast(PDF - 255KB)
Commercial Service Operations Forecast (PDF - 258KB)
General Aviation Based-Aircraft Forecast (PDF - 682KB)
General Aviation Operations Forecast (PDF - 691KB)
Standard Specifications for Construction of General Aviation Airports (2 MB in PDF)
Design Guidelines & Minimum Standard Requirements for T-Hangar Projects (4.24 MB in PDF)
Florida General Aviation Airport Business Plan Guidebook (4.24 MB in PDF)
Primer to the Florida General Aviation Airport Business Plan Guidebook (1.81 MB in PDF)
Pavement Management Summary Reports
Airfield Pavement Distress Repair Manual (12.46 MB in PDF)
Airfield Pavement Inspection Reference Manual (11.31 MB in PDF)
Inspection Methodology for Whitetopping (1.85 MB in PDF)
Application Assessment for the Florida Airports Stormwater Study (PDF 9.17MB)
Statewide Airport Stormwater Study Best Management Practices Manual (PDF 9.54MB)
Statewide Airport Stormwater Study FAA Pond Criteria Water Treatment Modeling Report (PDF 6.52MB)
Technical Report for the Florida Statewide Airport Stormwater Study (PDF 1.1MB)
Aviation Emergency Response Guidebook (8.28 MB in PDF)
Basic Aircraft Guide for Emergency Responders (27 MB in PDF)
Airport Project of the Year
Aviation Professional of the Year
Commercial Service Airport of the Year
Distinguished Aviation Service of the Year
General Aviation Airport of the Year
2015 Aviation Award Winners
Florida Airports Directory (27.88 MB in PDF)
Florida Aeronautical Chart (240.19 MB in PDF)
Florida Flyer